a night at the muny – buddy: the buddy holly story.

So last night was one of three times I can remember that my mom and I have left a show at intermission. I can’t say I had high hopes for Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story – the only jukebox musical I’ve ever liked is Beautiful – but with how great the Muny has been in recent years I was so disappointed. The show just didn’t go anywhere, but we still had a great day visiting St. Louis.

First we hit up Lone Elk Park, the county park meets wildlife reserve in St. Louis County near Webster Groves. We saw the cutest family of raccoons, deer, a turkey, and finally the bison and elk the park is known for. We were almost at the park’s exit (you drive through a loop of one way road that takes you through the park and wildlife area) thinking that we weren’t going to see any elk or bison when suddenly all the cars in front of us were stopped and there they were.

After our wilderness adventure we headed back to civilization and went to Seoul Taco on the Delmar Loop for dinner. We’ve been to Seoul Taco before, and I am obsessed with their awesome bulgogi burritos. The wrap holds salad greens, kimchi rice, shredded carrot, bulgogi, sour cream, cheese, and some kind of secret sauce that pulls everything together. My mom had bulgogi tacos which she enjoyed just as much.

Then, finally, we made our way to The Muny. Maybe we would have had a better time had it not been 97 degrees out all day, but I was just so disappointed since The Muny has such a great track record. One thing I can say about this show is that the set was pretty cool for an unchanging scene throughout the whole first act, and I loved how they turned the onstage turntable floor in to a giant vinyl record.

I am looking so forward to Into the Woods next week, which I know will be awesome. I have only seen the movie, never a stage production, so I am excited to see The Muny and the awesome cast of broadway actors they have brought in work their magic on this show.

today i saw seven bunnies.

It’s been raining here, and all the plants and wildlife seem so much more alive than they do in oppressively hot and humid Julys.

Today on a ride across town with my mom we saw seven bunnies, and a pair of twin fawns and their mama.

Our house has literally become overgrown with ivy, wild grape, and something else that crawls up walls after a month of steady rain. We keep referring to our Grey Gardens situation and spraying with Round Up (blah, blah, we hate Monsanto, too; maybe I don’t like everything being extra alive, though).

A few years ago a friend and I discovered that there is a huge herd (do deer live in herds?) of deer in the cemetery near my house and ever since then I’ve gone on summer nights to see them. It’s where I learned to drive, mostly, and my grandma is buried there so I know all the roads really well. This year it seems like there are only four or five deer out and about there, but maybe we’re seeing different ones each time we drive through.

Now my grandparents drive through looking for deer too, and they report back to me almost every time I see them on how many deer they’ve seen and when. En-deer-ing.