upcoming st. louis theatre i can’t wait to see.

Last night I saw the incredible Beth Malone, Tony nominee and the original Alison in show-of-my-heart Fun Home, in the Muny’s production of The Unsinkable Molly Brown. 

I had a great time seeing her perform again, especially in a show so radically different than Fun Homeand the show itself was high energy and funny with a lot of charm.

[Image description: a photo of Beth Malone and I at the Muny.]
The Muny season finishes up with A Chorus Line and Newsies over the next few weeks, and once summer ends there will be a seemingly constant stream of St. Louis productions of plays and musicals I love, have been dying to see (or see again) for years, or both.

The number of contemporary plays being produced locally over the next year is incredible, and I’m so excited for the work of genius playwrights like Annie Baker and Stephen Karam to hit the St. Louis theatre scene.

While it’s sometimes shockingly difficult to wedge time to see local theatre into my schedule between work, classes, and everything I have to do to keep my life together, I’ll definitely be making these shows a priority over the next year.

These are only my absolute St. Louis theatre must-sees. It feels like, since I’ve moved here, every month I learn about another professional theatre company putting up work I want to see.

Many of these shows are favorites of mine that I have already seen – I’m always excited about seeing new and new-to-me work, but it seems this season is especially full of shows I already love, and I definitely want to support local theatre companies that put on shows that I know are excellent.

What St. Louis theatre companies and productions are you most excited about this year?

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