the toast is dead, long live the toast.

Three days from now, and three years to the day from its first post, will be the last day of the beloved internet home of weird smart girls, The Toast.

The Toast has been such a comfy place on the internet for me. I started reading it on its first day, having jumped ship from the floundering The Hairpin commentariat earlier that year. Some of my favorite writing on the internet lives on The Toast, and so do some of my favorite internet people.

The fact that toasties from around the world are congregating on our own Slack group and Reddit forum is a testament to how important not just the site’s content, but the community that formed in its comments section, too, were to so many cool ladies.

I’m going to miss The Toast, but The Toast will live on in our sub-Reddits and Slack channels and tote bags and hearts.

Here are my favorite articles from The Toast’s short life. I didn’t realize when I made this list that these were almost all by Mallory Ortberg, but of course they are.

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