at home gin cocktails for summer 2017.

Hey friends! I have been up to a lot over the past year and this blog has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. But, now that I’ve had some more time over the summer, Rad Cat Lady is back this time with my own domain name and lots of cool things coming down the line. Let’s drink some gin cocktails.

At the beginning of last month I moved from a studio to a one bedroom, and my biggest deal breaker when looking for a new place was that I desperately needed a dishwasher. Now that my kitchen is no longer a place I avoid because it is so full of old dishes, I have been having fun with cooking and making cocktails at my cute little bar cart way more often that I used to.

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My love of gin has seriously deepened since I discovered my favorite St. Louis bar, The Gin Room, inside Cafe Natasha on South Grand. Owner Natasha and her bartending staff are gin geniuses, and every time I’m at the bar I end up drinking something new and amazing that I wouldn’t have known to ask for.

Back in May I also went to the Gin World St. Louis Gin Festival, held outside right next to The Gin Room, and tasted (probably too many) new and new-to-me craft gins that I am already obsessed with.

So when the weather got more and more oppressive and I was getting excited about micro scale home bartending again, naturally I went out in search of some great gin cocktails that I could make. Gin is so refreshing and delightful for summer and I quickly found some new favorites.

Though I am generally one to avoid Reddit, /r/cocktails has been a surprisingly interesting and friendly resource for drink ideas and quickly led me to the kickass craft cocktail database Kindred Cocktails. Since then I have been playing with new ingredients, recipes, and my own variations.

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the toast is dead, long live the toast.

Three days from now, and three years to the day from its first post, will be the last day of the beloved internet home of weird smart girls, The Toast.

The Toast has been such a comfy place on the internet for me. I started reading it on its first day, having jumped ship from the floundering The Hairpin commentariat earlier that year. Some of my favorite writing on the internet lives on The Toast, and so do some of my favorite internet people.

The fact that toasties from around the world are congregating on our own Slack group and Reddit forum is a testament to how important not just the site’s content, but the community that formed in its comments section, too, were to so many cool ladies.

I’m going to miss The Toast, but The Toast will live on in our sub-Reddits and Slack channels and tote bags and hearts.

Here are my favorite articles from The Toast’s short life. I didn’t realize when I made this list that these were almost all by Mallory Ortberg, but of course they are.

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#onceuponaroadtrip: Anastasia at Hartford Stage.

This is a post about something that made me happy this weekend.

If I’ve ever seen the animated Anastasia movie, I was so young that I have literally no recollection of it whatsoever. But after the cast and creative team were announced for the musical adaptation, which premiered this month at Hartford Stage, I was immediately excited.

I decided not to watch the movie before seeing the musical because I really strongly believe that adaptations, even of the most well loved and popular work, need to be able to stand on their own. I knew the basic story of the show, but really had no idea what to expect when we got to the theater.

On Saturday, my mom and I rented a car in Queens and road tripped up to Hartford for the day to see the show, and we arrived at the theatre tired and starving, so I bypassed the costume exhibit in the lobby to scarf down a soft pretzel from the bar before we took our seats.

As soon as I saw the show’s curtain, animated with projections of gently falling snow, I expected a show full of lush design and Anastasia didn’t disappoint in that regard. I loved the entire cast’s performances, but I ultimately left the theatre a little confused about the story that had happened on stage during the previous two-and-a-half hours. Regardless, I loved this show and genuinely enjoyed my afternoon at the theatre this Saturday.

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let’s talk about that Spring Awakening kickstarter.

Let’s talk about the Spring Awakening Tony Awards fundraiser. Let’s talk about what it takes and what it means to perform on the Tonys. Let’s talk about what a commercial producer of a Broadway show’s job is.

I love Spring Awakening. I love the original production and I love the Deaf West revival. While the original production’s first national tour cast is the cast of my heart, the Broadway revival, performed simultaneously in American Sign Language and spoken English and featuring Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and hearing actors was better. It told the story of the show more successfully than the original production. The layers of depth added by Michael Arden’s directorial choices filled in holes in the show’s book. It was fucking incredible. But unlike the original broadway production, it was not a financial success despite its rabid (or… passionate) young fan base.

This week, commercial producer Ken Davenport and non-profit LA theatre company Deaf West asked fans of the Spring Awakening revival to donate $200,000 to fund a performance by the show’s cast on the 2016 Tony Awards, and I have some questions and I have some concerns.

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but, how do you afford all those tickets?

I see a whole lot of theatre, and I see a whole lot of theatre in New York. It can get expensive if you’re regularly buying full price tickets, so I cut costs by… not doing that.

I have access to some discounts that are only available to students (shout out to those college IDs with no listed expiration date…) (I AM still a student, just not enrolled in a full time degree program), but there are many, many others open to everyone who knows how to find them.

Here’s a rundown of all the ways I save on Broadway and Off Broadway tickets.

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my sincerest hopes and dreams for the gilmore girls reboot.

  • Late in life lesbian Emily Gilmore. Enough said. Thanks Mallory Ortberg.
  • Paris is not a doctor, not a lawyer, but has found some weird, niche, small beans thing that she is just as intense about as she was about everything we’ve ever seen her do.
  • Get rid of these terrible men – I am ethically opposed to the show’s choice to bring back Dean, Jess, AND Logan. The only possible good outcome is that Rory gives the finger to all of them.
  • Luke’s still has a no cell phones rule in 2016. Luke learns about Yelp reviews of the diner. Luke is Luke.
  • Michel finally gets to be gay. I know we couldn’t do this on 2001 WB but we can sure as hell do it on 2016 Netflix
  • Lane Kim’s kids are adorable and love Mrs. Kim. We still never see or hear about Mr. Kim.
  • Taylor Doose is still in charge of everything that ever happens in Stars Hollow. Kirk still has every job available there.
  • Sookie has a perfect life as a fat girl whose character has actually nothing to do with being the one fat girl. She exists. She is happy.
  • Lorelai still goes to Friday Night Dinners.
  • Babette’s orange kitten lives to be 45.