My name is Richelle. This blog is me figuring everything else out. My hair color changes too often for a picture to ever be accurate. Welcome to Rad Cat Lady.

This is, for lack of a better term, a personal blog. I like theatre, my and other people’s cats, makeup that is concurrently cute and scary, intersectional feminism and anti-oppression activism, fat justice and body positivity, critical ideas about race and whiteness, cool tattoos, the intersections between spirituality and social justice, and the stuff I read and watch. I write about those things.

Photo by Logan Corry / Image description: my headshot. An image of me, a young white woman with very short platinum blonde and purple hair. I am sitting in front of a decorative fence and wearing a dark green dress with a multi-colored floral pattern. I have on large cat eye glasses, and I have an upper lip piercing with opal jewelry.

I am a chronic college dropout (hey there, mental illness and ableist institutions) and have studied cultural anthropology, critical identity studies and, social work, and I am currently learning American Sign Language. I am a lapsed Unitarian Universalist and a former baby interfaith organizer. I live in the Midwest. I use she/her pronouns.

You can read my writing on spirituality and interfaith work at Interfaith Youth Activist. I also write for the local St. Louis theatre publication, Limelight Magazine. I am a freelance writer. Read about hiring me here.

Contact me by email at richelle@radcatlady.com, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

I use trigger and content warnings on any posts that discuss topics that are common triggers (like sexual violence or eating disorders). Please leave a comment or shoot me an email if you need me to warn for any specific topics.

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