hello from my tattoos.

If you want to get to the heart of “things that are important to Richelle,” as is the case for many twenty-somethings, a good place to start would be with my tattoos. Pretty much on face value you get to musical theatre and cats –  a set piece from one favorite musical, a line from another, and a portrait of my cat (named for a character from the first show, of course).


The butterfly, a set piece from the original production of Spring Awakening, and the portrait of my cat, Ilse, are by Erica Flannes of Red Rocket Tattoo; the text piece from the Fun Home musical is by Shannon Ritchie of the same studio. Every day I’m amazed at how well all three turned out, and especially at how well Erica really captured my cat’s likeness.

I feel like “what’s the meaning of your tattoo” conversations are as boring and weirdly personal as when people want to spend way too long telling you about their dreams, so I’ll keep it short, but all three of my tattoos represent really important elements of my life.

I guess this is supposed to sort of set the tone for this blog. Hi.

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